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From Resolutions to Transformation: A Mindset Shift for the New Year

Updated: Dec 18, 2023

As the calendar is reaching its final pages, I can't help but think about all the resolutions I've made in the past. Promising myself to change habits, be better with my time and money and make better health choices, has become some sort of a ritual for December. I get a new notebook every year and the feeling of a new chance appears, but who gave me that chance? As days turn into months in the new year, those well-meaning intentions seem to slip away, they faint with each month that passes until they turn into another broken promise to myself. I’ve come to realize that a profound change in my mindset is necessary and I actually have to let go of old me and become a completely new person - mentally.

Stepping into New Shoes: A Symbolic Journey of Inner Change

I've read somewhere that physical actions can act as catalysts for mental shifts. Take, for instance, the symbolic power of stepping into new shoes. When I wear new comfortable shoes, I feel different—my posture changes, my gait becomes more confident. This physical transformation subconsciously influences my mental state.

So, I'm approaching the new mindset as if I'm stepping into a different, better pair of shoes. Leaving behind the old, that might be comfortably worn for years, but are formless and distorted and embracing a pair that allows me to move freely and powerfully.

The Power of Thought: Rewriting My Inner Dialogue

Negative self-talk has been a constant hurdle in my journey. I think ever since I was a kid, ever since that first instance when I felt shame (for whatever reason), I have created an inner bully to “keep me in check”.  To combat this internal critic, I'm actively working on reprogramming my inner dialogue. I'm replacing negative thoughts with positive affirmations, focusing on my strengths and capabilities. I visualize myself achieving my desired outcomes and tap into the belief that I am capable of remarkable things. Our own minds are the biggest obstacle in our way.

The Mental Gym: Set Up a Daily Practice for Transformation

Just as my physical body requires regular exercise to stay fit, my mind needs consistent mental conditioning to thrive. It’s difficult, I’m not gonna lie, to get a new pair of shoes is one thing, but to intentionally lead my mind to positive thoughts is probably the hardest part. We are used to complaining, it feels like venting, yet it’s a venting practice that always leaves us with a bad taste in our mouths. 

My first step to getting out of that pattern is to stop complaining about the weather, for the last few months I intentionally try to never say that the weather is bad, the weather is what it is, it’s always a good day if I can see it, smell it, live it. I try to add other positive activities in my daily practices. I read (recently it’s more listening than reading) inspiring books, listen to uplifting podcasts, and participate in mindfulness practices like meditation and yoga. Meditation is hard, especially for an individual like me that practices overthinking as a hobby. I was thinking that painting is meditation, but it’s not, painting for me is materializing subconscious thoughts that I have no clue about. Sometimes a year after I paint something I understand what I was trying to say, and sometimes the meaning changes every month. That's why I prefer people to give meaning to the art themselves, and see how it changes with time for them.

Surround yourself with people that believe in change, talk to people that think big and are able to accept the new you. Some people will try to bring you back to your old self, for they are comfortable with the version of you that fits their world. Acknowledge what is happening, show them love and understanding, but don’t give in.

I personally believe I am here to experience life as the best possible version of myself and I will “update to the latest version ” and “change my shoes” as much as I need to during my journey. I hope you do the same.

This blog post is provoked by a conversation with my trainer and biohacking expert Maria Varsanova and an episode of The School Of Greatness with Jen Sincero. 

You will find a link to that episode here 

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