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Corona Lisa

It started with a muddled bat

Or so they say

Could also been a not so secret lab

Some scream - there's just no way

A week became a month

A month became a year

Plane tickets - no refund

The globe was high on fear

The media exploded

Some presidents went nuts

Some news were miss reported

Great time for budget cuts

Souls left without a warning

Last chances were erased

The air was full of mourning

Pain too strong to be faced

We stayed home, stayed disinfected

Wore masks, correctly.. incorrectly

Some families were gruesomely affected

Some futures- redefined though indirectly

Life is too fragile, way too short

We quickly got that part

But after months of crowd less tv sport

It seems we're not particularly smart

Still pointlessly disputing on the net

Creating chaos with a single post

Still willing everything to bet

While knowing we will hurt the most

The last 12 months were quite obscene

Quite challenging no doubt

Humanity is promised new vaccine

Big business sweet bail out

But soon we'll smell the better air

Oh wait... that's for another time

In all honesty and to be fair

It seems that no one gives a damn

Soon we'll be rid of the confusing bans

Mask freed, handshaked and hugged

But, please don't make any long term plans

A new strain surprisingly could get us fu***d

Irina Pandeva


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1 Comment

The way you use the art make m to feel the paintings the way they describe themselves. keep it up

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