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I'll forgive you no doubt

Pain will slowly dissolve

When my heart stops to shout

And the sky clears above

I'll forget you no doubt

Memories will transform

Even darkest of clouds

Won't be bringing a storm

I'll let go and restart

Breaking free from the anger

And I'll move on no doubt

From the damaging slander

I'll stop feeling bereft

Though my heart's incomplete

Loneliness never left

Every day on repeat

I'll remember you less

Gradually recover

Leaving life full of mess

To be a woman, a mother

I'll grow out of the past

Making space for the new

Happiness be at last

Not depending on you

I'll forgive me no doubt

For the words that were spoken

Though my fiery mouth

Always left me more broken

I'll remember me more

Recognize who I am

I will open the door

Say goodbye to the blame

I will treasure my heart

Gentle, loving and daring

It is making me proud

For it's strength and its caring

I'll become who I was

Full of love and desires

Simply be my own cause

Living life that inspires


For a friend


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