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I was born in a small town some time ago, grew up and lived in a big city, and then came back to the small town to explore my roots and find my creative path. I walk in the footsteps of my ancestors who were orthodox icon painters, but my goal is to rediscover and make my own mark using iconography in a way that reflects my unique perspective.


Painting found me when I was a kid. Through the different characters and moods I paint, I am satisfying my childlike curiosity about the mind and my own internal experience.


Every piece is a mirror image that appears to me, sometimes after staring at the canvas for a period of time, and other times planned, inspired by a thought, a person, a song, nature or a book.

I love the process of painting, and for me this process is very private and precious, but I let go of the artworks once they are done. I love them but I'm not attached to them.

In a way I turn the mirror back to the viewers waiting for someone to recognize their own reflection and take it with them.

I find it difficult to name my art, to me a name represents a limit, I still give them names but I feel it's quite unnecessary. In my view when the artwork speaks to someone, they should be the one to name it.

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