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Sitting on my balcony in Thessaloniki at 1 AM in the morning. What a chaotic experience. It’s a city that never sleeps, it’s a city that smokes like crazy, constantly creates noise and challenges my nervous system in it’s totality. But for me Thessaloniki is also a vibrant and colorful mixture of cultures, generations and beliefs, a dynamic clash (in the good sense) of the ancient and the modern. Here in the embrace of the city you will find churches, ruins and ancient monuments, each telling their story.

I still haven’t felt the urge to dive into tourism. I simply try to live as a local as much as I can for the three months we’ll spend here.

So I've been mainly working from home, walking around the city and eating. And eating you can do here very successfully. The food is delicious in the majority of the restaurants, but I do have a few recommendations if you end up spending some time in Thessaloniki.

Το Ελληνικό

Seriously good food!

Highly recommend Ampelosarmades and Pastrami Pie.



Great service, delicious food. It's a favorite little restaurant that has tasty homemade food. The staff is really friendly.

Try the Meatballs with red peepers, Salad with beetroot, Pumpkin soup.


Choureal - Choux & Profiterole

This is heaven ok... I don't have my own picture, because I don't have the patience to do that, the moment I get a hold of that bowl full of magic, it had my full attention. I could't find other Choureal places on their website, so I guess it's just that one tiny shop, but I do hope they expand or sell franchise because this will be probably the main thing I will miss about Thessaloniki.



Ypsilon is a coworking, event, bar, restaurant space, it's really unique for Thessaloniki and they offer one of the best burgers I've tried + the wifi is really good.


For coffee, drinks, music, working every day

So those are so far my favorite places, one moth to go, so I might add more:)

Please do share your recommendations if you have been here. Would love to try something new :)

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