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A journey of a mind

Updated: Apr 6

Another day spent in denial Indeed a disappointing fact The crazy foolishness of trial and error is lurking at the back

Well maybe this is something normal An ordinary human life And all the efforts to be formal Are simply leading to a fatal dive

Those wounds I managed to inflict From doubts and pointless thought debris Are making easy to predict My final words - I failed in loving me

Now that I've seen the future ending I feel I owe my soul a break put all the fears on status pending Let go and live for my own sake

I need a chance to raise my head Above the ocean of despair Not drowning but to swim instead And give myself time to repair

Refusing to be just a story That's laying under cold regrets I'll wear a flag "memento mori" And fully live till time resets


Irina Pandeva

Bansko, Bulgaria

Update 2023:

I used ChatGPT to revise my poem - this is the result. Let me know what your think.

Another day spent in denial,

A fact that's hard to face,

The fear of error's constant trial

Lurks in the back with grace.

Perhaps this is the human way,

An ordinary life we lead,

But the effort to be formal each day

Can lead us to a fatal deed.

The wounds I've inflicted with my doubt

Are remnants of a pointless past,

Easy to predict how it'll play out,

"I failed in loving me" will be my last.

But seeing the future ending,

I know I owe my soul a break,

Time to put my fears on pending,

And live for my own sake.

I need to raise my head above

The ocean of despair I'm in,

Swimming, not drowning in the rough,

Giving myself the chance to win.

Refusing to be just a story

Of cold regrets and what-ifs,

I'll wear the flag "memento mori",

And fully live until time shifts.

ChatGPT Version from

6 April 2023

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