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"There is a candle in your heart, ready to be kindled."

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PIRIN Soy Candle 

I live and create in a small town surrounded by mountains.

Every day, no matter where I go,  I see her majesty Pirin Mountain with her perky peaks, sometimes covered in clouds, sometimes glazed by the sun, so different is her image from one day to the next that I am often wondering is it her that's changing or me. Or both of us.

Some of the legends surrounding the peaks of Pirin are tragic, dramatic and heavy, as are the traditional songs and winters here. But for me those magnificent solid waves are constant reminder to be humble before nature.



Peak - Orange peels, Cinnamon 
Core - Cypress, Carnation
Base -  Pine tree
Essential Oil - Eucalyptus


an exciting collaboration with CHAIKA Handmade

Illustration: Irina Pandeva

Price: 28,00 BGN / 14.50 EUR per piece

Thanksyou for your interest!

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